~My Sewing Adventures~

Decided to make everyone's costumes this year!.. (Except for my eldest's costume)
For around $90, I was able to make a Shaolin Monk, Batman (w/cape & belt), 2-70's poodle skirt outfits (including the white cardigans & everything else you see), 1 Red Riding Hood cape (used my own outfit under the cape), and a brand-new costume for my eldest son on Ebay.

The OOP expense may still be to high for some, but I bought great quality material (silk, jersey knit, iron on decals, etc...). These costumes will last beyond the children growing them out.

The eldest twin- She was so tired after running around with all the other kids!

The youngest twin- She still had a lot of energy left!

My eldest showing off his BRAND-NEW "White Cobra" costume!

Daddy and the Baby displaying their much loved costumes!

Unfortunately, I can't find my picture I took of me in the cape, but this is me before hand getting ready! My hair looks dark red, however, it is a fiery red!


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